Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cleaning up

So today I decided to continue with cleaning up, getting rid of things I don't need in preparation for moving out when the lease expires in a few months.

I went through my clothes, which I did like six months ago and then I got rid of a garbage bag full. This time around however I went through two bags! How does all this build up? Some stuff hadn't fit me for years! Honestly why did I hold on to it? Crazy stuff! I also got rid of a garbage bag full of handbags, some I hadn't used for like 5 years! Of course all this is going to Good Will, everything is in great shape, they'll sell the stuff really fast and it is a good cause.

I also cleaned up my CD collection last night, got rid of stuff I have no idea why it was there and realized alot of stuff I used to have isn't there anymore. I found my Confessions album during the clean up today, so that is one I don't have to buy again. I did buy R.E.M. Automatic For The People (One of the all time great albums) as I have no idea where my old copy went. It was only $10 so a good buy, if I can keep getting stuff at that price, I'll be able to slowly rebuild my collection.

I started to build my DVD Wishlist, there are like 70 odd titles on there, which is alot! You can find it on my DVD Collection site, so you know if you want to buy me anything, just check there hehe.

So next weekend and probably during the week after garbage collection I'll be doing more cleaning up. I got rid of like 30 odd VHS tapes I'll never need anymore and I have so many more to slowly get rid of. It feels good to get rid of alot of junk, and I'll be doing this until the move.

I need to start saving to buy new stuff, there is a pretty cool sofa that IKEA has that isn't too expensive I think I'll get down the line. Seeing as the sofa's here aren't mine and are falling apart anyway. A few more things will have to get bought, like a new fridge and things, so I have a few months to sort that out.

But I am very much looking forward to finding a new place and starting over, even if I have to remain in Adelaide. Now to try and find a new job, more hours and more money!

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