Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gone Baby Gone


I've been looking forward to this for quite some time, I was really impressed by the trailer and wanted to see how Ben Affleck would do behind the camera. Glad to report, Affleck has done a great job! Perhaps he should do more behind the camera, what he has here is a very good and mature film. Excellent casting choices, with his brother Casey who is proving what a fantastic actor he is. This role was made for him to play, with some great support from the likes of Morgan Freeman and Ed Harris (Who really shines here, he added so much to the role, he is fantastic). Michelle Monaghan was good too, but I think the female stand out here is easily Amy Ryan as the mother of the child who goes missing. The story is about a child who goes missing, members of the family contact two private investigators to help (Affleck and Monaghan), this is where things get complicated and things go wrong. It is so much better going into this not knowing much, and let it all unfold before your eyes. The ending I thought was well done, it makes you think and it makes you decide what is right and what is wrong in the situation. Very impressed with this film, well done to both Afflecks!

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