Sunday, February 24, 2008

The things you don't like to be reminded of

So I watched The Brave One today, and the beginning of the film brought back a lot of memories of an event which happened to me a few years ago. Its the kind of thing I really don't like being reminded of, and thinking about. Although what actually happened in the film isn't what happened to me, it still brings back those memories and the feelings of what could have happened to me if I hadn't of gotten away. It was also a solid reminder of why I don't like being out alone at night time, and the feeling of not feeling safe when out a lot. It is a horrible thing to feel, but when you've been through an experience that gives you those feelings, its hard to explain but you just will always feel like it might happen again. One of the reasons why I refuse to bus after a certain time, I've had some close calls doing that already, and I want to feel safe. Sometimes I really don't like having to justify why I feel that way. But something bad happened to me, and theres a reason I don't feel safe.

Good to just rant about this and get it out.


Jen said...

First (and I know this isn't the right entry but) I agree with you about The Brave One.

Second, I know what you're saying. I find that men, especially, try to trivialize the fear. Well it's very easy for them to act like we're being silly when they haven't ever been afraid and have much less to fear. I'm sorry that you've experienced something like that but don't ever let anyone make you feel stupid for being afraid. It's legitimate and real.

Anonymous said...

Don't ever let people make you feel bad for things that make you uncomfortable, hon - if something makes you uncomfortable, there's probably a very good reason behind it, and you shouldn't have to feel bad about that.