Sunday, February 17, 2008

Damn rashes!

I dunno who the heck I've pissed off, seems my luck just does not exisit! If it isn't illness or back problems or something, then I get a damn rash/hives! I have NO idea why but yesterday at work I broke out in hives, got some antihisamines from the chemist, and it was just on my arms and a bit on my back and it slowly went away, then it came back and then it showed up on my legs and thighs and went away. Then today slowly it all came back, all at once! I thought maybe it was heat/sweat related but I haven't been sweating today as I'm not at work, I've got the a/c on. I thought perhaps the new vitamins I got gave me this reaction but my Dad doesn't seem to think so. It has gone down a bit now, and thank fuck it is not itchy! I took another tablet earlier, so either way that stops the itching. I just hope this clears up by tomorrow, or it's the doctors for me, and not sure they'll be able to help either, because they'd probably suggest the tablets.

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