Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Last night the stupid broken draw fell on my foot and crushed it, it hurt so badly and it is now the next day and its worse! I can't really walk, barely hobblying around. I lasted 90mins at work I couldn't stand on it, it kept getting worse and the colour was changing on it! Gah! And I twisted my ankle twice as well, I am having the worst luck! I managed to find a bandage when I got home for it, at least it is more manageable but I am sitting down keeping it elevated!

Meanwhile I continued to watch Season 1 of Brotherhood, watched 2 episodes yesterday I had to remember what had happened. I watched 6 episodes of Women's Murder Club I quite like it, very girly though. I am now watching the first episode of this new HBO show called In Treatment with Gabriel Bryne, it is certainly interesting so far. This episode also has Melissa George who is really good actually, nice with dark hair I might add.

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