Monday, February 25, 2008

David Cronenberg's Stereo & Crimes Of The Future

Stereo - 2.5/5

Good to see early Cronenberg being such a huge fan. But this is not very good, it is rather boring and not all that interesting. When you read what it is about it sounds interesting but the execution of it, is not however. Due to budget there is no music, no sound what so ever, only the narration voice-over. The characters in the film, well half the time I can't tell what they are doing, with no sound it makes it all the more difficult. It is a bit too long, but the themes presented in this are typical Cronenberg, a sign of things to come.

Crimes Of The Future - 3.5/5

Certainly an improvement over Stereo, Cronenberg shows he has some interesting ideas and concepts. Still, this for me didn't hold my interest too much, it was a little boring in parts. Perhaps if it had been done a little different it might have held my interest more, but the ideas are certainly present. I thought his use of sounds were rather interesting, still there is no dialogue, only the voice over narration. You could tell he had more of a budget here then Stereo and it is in colour and not black and white which I think helped this, as Cronenberg takes full advantage. There are some fantastic visuals, especially the very last scene, extremely disturbing but so well done. Seeing this you can clearly see Cronenbergs ideas for his future films.

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