Thursday, February 7, 2008

So blah

So I had to go back to the doctors today, they sent a letter saying I had to come in, and it was concerning the pap smear I had in December. So I was freaking out that something was wrong, but so far nothing to worry about, the results came back inconclusive so I have to redo the pap smear which will happen next month urgh. So everything should be fine, I also got dose 2 of the cervical cancer vaccine, I get the last one in 4 months. Damn thing has given me a dead arm though, it is rather sensitive but I'll be fine eh!

Got to take Toby to the Vets later today, he has to have his check up and get his medication refilled, which cost an arm and a leg *sigh* damn money hungry Vet's! But yes little Toby is worth it, he's my baby!

Not much else to report, well last night I was having a few Scrabulous games with a mate and I actually won! Thank you Jounce! I added the J to ounce on a 3xletter score hehe

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