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Perfect Casting, Perfect Performance #1

This is a new feature to Super Blog, I thought I would go through what I consider to be examples of Perfect Casting & Perfect Performances in film and TV. I used that term often when reviewing a film, perfect casting. There are times when someone is just so suited to the role, you just know that no one else would ever work. What I want to go through is the roles I really consider to be the best of the best. Now this is of course open to debate, but this is my opinion, no one elses. I know that people will agree and disagree and I encourage all feedback. So now on to the very first Perfect Casting, Perfect Performance column.

Perfect Casting, Perfect Performance #1

Christopher Reeve as Superman/Clark Kent in the Superman Film series

I have chose Christopher Reeve as Superman/Clark Kent from the Superman films because I truly feel as far as the perfect casting goes, this defines it! No one else has played the role of Superman and Clark Kent quite like Reeve, and I honestly do not think anyone will. Playing the double role of Superman and Clark Kent is not an easy task, they might be the same person but deep down they are oh so very different. Kal-El from Krypton is the superhero known as Superman but he has to protect his identity and live normally as reporter Clark Kent from the small town of Smallville. While Superman is this amazing unstoppable force full of confidence saving the world, Clark Kent is clumsy and bumbling, especially when around one Lois Lane. They are both so different, and Christopher Reeve played them both to perfection, you could actually believe they were two different people despite the fact they look exactly alike aside from those glasses.

In comparison to Brandon Routh for example who played the roles in Superman Returns, he made for a good Clark Kent, that he was suited to, but when it came to Superman he failed to deliver fully. Christopher had the confidence, and the power, everything he did from the way he spoke to the way he moved was so true to the character of Superman. While I think Brandon tried, he didn't quite pull it off. Just watch as Superman talks with Lois at her apartment, the way he talks to her, the way he moves. Then watch the scenes where he is Clark Kent around Lois, he is hunched over and shy, lacking that confidence, you wouldn't guess they are the same person. A reason why I think we can believe no one picked up that they were the same person. Brandon I think pulled off all the Clark quirks pretty well, but still Christopher did it better and Brandon had big shoes to fill.

Superman the movie is one of my all time favourite films and Superman is one of my all time favourite characters. Christopher really brought this character alive, and with everything you could believe a man can fly. The film itself is just so stunning and beautiful and really true to everything that Superman is about. I feel Christopher really understood this and was in touch with Superman and Clark Kent. The way he could change between the two characters is just such a delight to see. I have no issue with saying this truly is perfect casting and this is a perfect performance. In Superman the movie and Superman II, he really does just take my breath away and I am always in awe of his performance no matter how many times I watch it. When someone can do that to me, you know they have done something superb.

I truly believe this is one of cinemas greatest performances, say what you will but Christopher was Superman, and in more ways then one. He was a great man, and his tragedy and how he lived on after that I think proved he really was Superman. He did not give up on life, and he managed to live many years after his accident. I see him as a true hero, and may he rest in peace. With all the roles he played, none was stopped by this role and no one else has been able to replace him. I truly believe that Superman and Clark Kent is a role that is difficult to play, especially if it is written well and true to what Superman is all about. Christopher did what no one else has been able to do, they have come close but no one has been able to stop what he did, and I thank him for his amazing performance as Superman and Clark Kent.

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