Friday, December 4, 2009



What happens when a crazy disease turns people into zombies? Well you've seen many films like this before, but nothing quite like Zombieland. I mean zombie films usually have the same kind of formula, people turn into the living dead, they want to eat you, need to survive and get away from them. I mean sure they all are different, some have humor, some are done serious and some are just really badly made films. What set Zombieland apart from the rest was its characters and its heart, yes this film had heart!

I felt that Zombieland isn't just a film for fans of zombie and horror films, it is more main stream and it has more appeal to a larger audience. A bit a long the lines of Shaun of the Dead in that respect however these two films are very different and I really don't see the need to compare them at all. The film starts off with our introduction into the world of Zombieland with our main character who is known simply as Columbus (As that is where he wants to go) played by Jesse Eisenberg, he runs down the ground rules as to how he has survived. On the way he meets up with quite possibly one of the COOLEST characters I have seen in a film for some time (I want to buy this man an entire building full of Twinkies) known as Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson). Now these two are easily an odd couple, yet they have chemistry and it all works. They go about trying to get to where they are going and of course they come across more survivors who are well let's just say a bit more then a handful with Wichita (Emma Stone, HOT) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin).

That is about all you need to know story wise, I mean it is better if you just sit back and enjoy it, because it is so much fun and enjoyable. If you are thinking this is a film all about killing zombies, well it isn't. Sure there is that in there, but there is so much more going on. It is about the characters, their story and their journey, and I gotta say it really sucked me right in. There is also this awesome cameo which I wont ruin for you, but it is so fantastic I loved every second of it. I felt the story and the script were pretty strong, the humor was great, it was mostly hit for me too which is always good.

On the acting side, Jesse Eisenberg felt like he was playing Michael Cera. It got really annoying too, I mean why didn't they just cast Michael Cera? It felt like it was written for him, it really did. I mean he did alright, but it was just too Michael Cera. Woody was easily the stand out, he just rocked in this. I have always been a fan of Woody Harrelson, from Cheers to Transsiberian (If you haven't seen that film check it out, brilliant performance from Woody), and this role was just perfect for him. He brings so much to the table and he made every aspect work, I mean even with some silly things, you don't take notice because he just rocks the role. Tallahassee is now one of my all time favourite film characters, I loved him! Emma Stone, wow she looked incredible! She was gorgeous to start with, very hot too, just WOW! I can't say enough nice things about her, she had a character which could have been rather unlikable but she really made it work. I thought she was great, good casting. Abigail Breslin sure has grown up since Little Miss Sunshine, and she is a strong actress, this was a good role for her and I really liked her in this. Again she made it all work and the chemistry between all the characters was great, it needed that to keep the film flowing and keeping it fun.

There wasn't much I didn't like about the film, aside from some plot points which seemed a bit silly and some of the pacing was a little off, but overall I just thought everything worked really well and came together nicely. I enjoyed being with these characters and going on their journey. I liked all the survival rules and how they related to things which happened in the film. I had heard so much good stuff about this film, I decided as I do to just go in with no expectations and I had a really good time. This certainly will be a film I will probably end up watching over and over, if only so I can spend time with Tallahassee!


jaime said...

Cool movie but there's somthing missing, that's not a bad thing it was...............? i don't know how to put it,to me it was like a three hour movie that started at the 45 minute mark & when the credits roll i'm like that's it's! still i'll give it 3.5/5.

Anomaly said...

i thought there was something missing too. enjoyable enough though.