Sunday, January 10, 2010



A direct to DVD film here, I had no interest in actually watching this however someone hired it and I thought eh lets see what post OC Mischa Barton can do. The film actually turned out to be alright but for all the wrong reasons. It was full of plot holes and oh so far fetched but that turned out to be part of the fun.

This was made before Mischa got really bloated, she actually looked fine here and didn't really look drugged up. She plays Shelby a small town girl who seems to have a few issues, she still believes her High School boyfriend is dating her, even though he moved away to college and dumped her. Said ex boyfriend Mike (Matt Long) is dating someone else, Elizabeth (Jessica Stroup). He has to go back to his home town to retire his football jersey number and introduce Elizabeth to his parents. Shelby does not take too kindly to all of this and after a road accident she holds Elizabeth captive.

This is like Fatal Attraction meets Misery for the younger crowd. We have the obsessed woman with Shelby, and the held captive part when she accidently runs Elizabeth over and keeps her in her house. While she does that, she aims to win Mike over, as you would expect. What really was rather annoying but also really funny and it made for some entertainment was that Mischa is not exactly threatening. Yes Elizabeth was hurt but it wouldn't take much to over power Shelby and she had so many chances to escape but apparently her character is extremely stupid. Oh yes the film is littered with stupid characters, but some how they manage to work anyway. Shelby seems to have some super human powers, super speed and super strength it seems awfully silly. They clearly did not think about these things when filming the movie, they just figured it would add to the suspense. I found it rather amusing, which made the film fun and silly.

Performance wise, everyone actually does a decent job. Mischa played a psycho pretty well, you really wanted to just slap her through the entire film. Jessica Stroup was alright as well, she did well despite having to play a bit of a stupid character, you actually care for her and don't want anything to happen. Matt Long was good as well, again he did the best he could given a stupid character. Michael Landes who you might remember from Final Destination 2 also playing a character in law enforcement was good too, he seemed to have fun playing this character.

I mean not an altogether bad way to spend an evening, just don't expect anything special. It is an average thriller, and its flaws actually made it enjoyable in the so bad it is good way. Probably one of the better direct to DVD thrillers out there too.

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Cheema said...

Its an awesome movie. Do you have any idea if someone is planning to make a movie on FarmVille?? ;)
I think that I am absolutely obsessed with FarmVille.... hehehe