Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Super Podcast Ep 19 - The Avatar Edition w/5 Guests over 3 Rounds!

Welcome to Episode 19 of the Super Podcast, only one more episode before we hit 20! Quite the achievement I must say! This latest episode is a little bit different from the norm, the format for this episode has changed. This is the Avatar edition and I decided to find a few different people to discuss the film with, and instead of having everyone all talk at once, it is split into 3 rounds with the discussion on the film being different for all 3 rounds.

Round 1 guests include my MGR buddy Matt Denton who joined in, despite the fact he hasn’t seen Avatar. Ching-Yao Yu, who is a good buddy of mine from the Twitter-verse and who gives me funny feedback on my blog posts, and from Veracity Nation John D’Agnese.

Round 1 highlights include:

  • The difference between seeing the film in IMAX and on a regular cinema screen
  • How the Box Office was doing, and what we think contributed to that
  • Do we want to watch it in 3D at home and what we think of the up and coming 3D TV’s
  • The issues with had with the film, but did it ruin the experience?
  • And much, much more for Round 1!

Round 2’s guest is my fellow schmoe from JoBlo (forums) Bede aka Terror Australis (the Terrible Australian). Why is he so terrible? You’ll have to tune in for that one!

Round 2 highlights include:

  • Unlike everyone else on the planet, Bede watched this in 2D, how did it hold up?
  • What we think of this in comparison to Cameron’s last film Titanic.
  • We discuss the craziness that is people needing therapy after finding out Pandora isn’t actually real.
  • Is James Cameron King of the World?
  • Of course there is much, much more!

Round 3’s guest is my buddy in crime Steven from Empire forums AKA Big Bada Boomba AKA CokedUpBabyBoy, so many alias’s perhaps he should have starred on the show instead of Jennifer Garner?

Round 3 highlights include:

  • What we thought was the best thing about the film.
  • The over all experience of seeing the film in IMAX.
  • What we thought of Sam Worthington, and which one of us doesn’t find him all that attractive (hehe)
  • We ponder why people have become so obsessed with the film.
  • As usual there is much, much more discussed!

I would like to thank all my guests for joining me for the show it was a real pleasure to have them all on. It was great to discuss the film with different people and get different opinions and views on it. You can find and follow all my guests on Twitter, they are all excellent peeps! For myself you can find me @SuperMarcey, Matt Denton @TheMattDenton, Ching @nutzareus, John @Physboy, Bede @BedeJermyn and Steven @CokedUpBabyBoy

I always encourage feedback, suggestions and of course if you would like to be on the show, you can contact me via Twitter or through my email marceyness@gmail.com or via the many forums I frequent and Facebook or through the blog!

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