Monday, January 11, 2010

Fantastic Mr. Fox


I have to say that this film really is fantastic! I honestly cannot remember if I read the story by Roald Dahl, as I used to read his stuff quite a lot in my younger years. So I can't really say how faithful it was to the source material. But what I got here was a highly enjoyable and really fun film. I enjoyed every second of it, I really just loved everything about it, it was great!

The story is about a trio of nasty farmers who want to get rid of the fox who steals from them. That fox is Mr. Fox (voiced by George Clooney) who is not satisfied with his life and he wants to go back to doing what he used to do before having a son, stealing! Of course chaos and fun play a big part in all of this and lesson are learned.

The voice casting for this was just great, George Clooney was so perfect for Mr. Fox he had all the right elements and it worked so well. Meryl Streep as Mrs. Fox was another case of great voice casting, she was divine in the role, just loved her. Jason Schwartzman also worked really well as their son Ash who really is quite the adorable little character. Bill Murray as the badger was another really nice choice, I really enjoyed what he brought to the table. Other notables were Wally Wolodarsky as Kylie, who was Mr. Fox's right hand man so to speak. He was great and Kylie was just a great character too. Eric Anderson (Brother of Wes) was quite awesome as cousin Kristofferson, I loved the chemistry he had with George and Jason, it all worked so well. I just loved the casting of Michael Gambon as our main bad guy, he was just fantastic. Also keep an ear out for Willem Dafoe as the ugly, nasty rat. He played that part well, and I actually had no idea he was a voice in the film, so that was a surprise.

The stop motion animation in this was really great, I loved the style of it. It brought this great humor to the story and characters, it worked so well. I loved the scene where we first see Ash and his expression and body language just worked so well for the scene and his character and it was portrayed in the voice as well. All the elements for this film just came together so nicely. It was nicely paced, it had such a good amount of humor and a nice running time. I really could easily rewatch this quite often, a fantastic film and easily one of my favourites from Wes Anderson. This was something different for him, and it worked, I wasn't sure what I might think of the film initially when I heard about it. The trailer was really good, and the good reviews started to come in and I was confident I would like it, but I didn't expect to love it! I am glad to be surprised by a film, I highly recommend this one folks.

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