Friday, January 8, 2010

SuperPodcast Ep 18 - Films of 2009, we should have watched more w/MGR Crew Matt and Will

Welcome to Episode 18 of the Super Podcast, in this installment I am finally joined by my MGR Podcasting crew Matt Denton and Will McCaskie. The first ever British and Scottish guests on Super Podcast, I am branching out! Being that it is a new year we thought we would go over the films of 2009, what we saw, what we liked, what we didn’t like and what we did not see. As it turned out we had not seen quite a few films of 2009, and felt we were probably the wrong trio to be talking about it hehe.

Highlights include:

  • As we delve into 2009, I ask the boys whether they had seen certain films, they had not.
  • There turned out to be some films we had seen, but did we like them?
  • The boys pretty much can offend anyone and everyone, so beware!
  • Apparently I pronounce the name Megan Fox wrong, and this becomes a discussion.
  • Which person actually liked Transformers 2?
  • We chose our top films and worst films.
  • And of course much, much more!

Okay truth time, I did enjoy having the boys join me for the podcast, we always have a blast when we get together. Something different for us all, as MGR has a different format. You can follow the boys on twitter of course, you can find Matt @TheMattDenton and you can find Will @The_Partys_Over and if you wish you can follow the MGR Podcast @MGRPodcast. If you have any feedback, suggestions or you just want to send me dirty photos you can email me at and send all hate mail to Matt Denton.

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