Friday, January 29, 2010

Troll 2

There is no way I can seriously review this film or give it a real rating. I mean if I look at it as a film, it gets 0/5 everything about it is a huge fail. The acting, the script, the direction, everything. But if I look at it as something that is just so terrible that it turns out all those bad things are extremely entertaining and hilarious then it gets a 5/5.

Troll 2 is one of those truly awful films that ends up being brilliant! It is so stupid and it makes no sense it is so hilarious. This is a film named Troll 2 and there is not a single troll to be found. It has nothing to do with Troll, and it in fact features Goblins.

The dialogue for this film is truly atrocious that it will have you in stitches, the acting is equally as bad and again you will laugh so hard. This is a special film, and there is not anything else like this out there. Sure there are a lot of so 'bad its good films 'but they aren't like Troll 2.

Folks I will leave you with this fantastic line delivery below ...

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