Friday, January 8, 2010

Law Abiding Citizen


I have to say this first off, this film is extremely far-fetched and some what silly. But you know what, even with that, I had a blast with it! I enjoyed myself with this film and I was smiling ear to ear to see Gerard Butler in a role like this and away from the Rom-Com scene. This suited him so well, and I want him to take on more roles like this.

The film is about a man Clyde (Gerard Butler) whose wife and daughter get killed in a home invasion and the DA Nice Rice (Jamie Foxx) makes a deal which sees the real culprit not do much jail time. Clyde does not take too kindly to this and years later he decides to get his own justice.

This is a revenge film, a different kind of revenge film though. We have a character who I guess we are supposed to think of as the bad guy with Clyde but we do feel sympathetic for him at times and what he has to say makes a bit of sense. You do feel he got the raw end of the deal, but you do also feel for Nick and the cops and the others who were involved. While Clyde is supposed to be the bad guy, you can't help but like him. Gerard Butler plays such a bad ass character, and it suits him so well, he really made the character his own. Jamie Foxx is also good but the character he plays isn't anything challenging and he doesn't really do much else with it. The two share a good chemistry together and their scenes work really well.

The look and feel of the film I really liked, the pacing as well worked for me. It felt like it took the right amount of time to get where it was going. The violence at times was brutal and it does not hold back on certain things. You think something wont happen but it does, and there are a few shock bits as well, which I think worked really well. Where the film does fail is how far-fetched it is and you really have to suspend belief. But part of the fun was seeing just what sort of things Clyde was going to come up with, and some of them actually worked pretty well.

I had a good time with this bad ass film, I enjoyed it. As I said I enjoyed seeing Gerard Butler in this bad ass role and seeing him naked went down well too. It was a good thriller, despite its flaws, Gerard fans should definitely check this out.


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