Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ilsa She Wolf Of The SS


Now I like me some exploitation films, and one I have heard about for many, many years is Ilsa She Wolf Of The SS. This is a cult classic exploitation film, and after many years I managed to track down the unrated version to finally watch and see if it lived up to its name.

This is a nazi exploitation piece, set inside a Nazi death camp where they conduct medical experiments. Ilsa the warden is looking to find out that women can withstand pain and torture in order to fight, but she also has a problem that no man can satisfy her and she sets out to find one that finally can.

Alright so that sounds awfully strange doesn't it? Well it actually really is! Ilsa has a lot of sex, but she doesn't quite reach that climax she is looking for, and when that happens the man she has had sex with, loses some of his manhood if you get what I am saying. This sub plot goes on and on and it is really just excuse to show naked Ilsa and sex scenes. The torture scenes with the women are mostly implied, I had heard how gross and gorey this film is, but it actually isn't. Some of the worst kinds of torture are shown off screen, but it does make you squirmish because you know what they are doing. The acting isn't too bad either with our leading lady Dyanne Thorne as Ilsa owning the role and owning the film. Without her, this wouldn't have been anything to even give a second thought to.

This has all the things you want in an exploitation film, there is no lack of big breasts, bush and sex. There is blood and gore, and it is actually quite well done when it is shown. This actually has a coherent storyline, and it isn't too bad. I actually think Martyrs might have taken some inspiration from the torture stuff with a certain woman in this film. I can understand a lot of people hating this film, and saying how awful it is and what it portrays. But it is after all just a film, and it is an exploitation film, its goal is to disgust and show naked women. I guess if you are sick of seeing fake breasts and you want to see some real ones, check this film out.

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