Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jennifer's Body


So the trailers for this looked pretty good, it looked like a decent horror high school film. Did it live up to my expectations? Yes and no I guess, I mean I didn't mind the film at all. It had a cool premise, the overly hot Megan Fox and an overly hot Megan Fox. I mean that is one of the selling points of the film, and it really does deliver the goods there.

This film is about a high school cheerleader who gets possessed by a demon who feeds on males. It is up to her best friend to put a stop to her. Sounds simply enough right? Well it really is!

Based on the screenplay by Diabolo Cody (best known for Juno), this attempts to be a sort of new wave horror for this generation. Now I think Diabolo did a good job with Juno, I liked the film for what it was. Her script isn't too bad, I thought some of the dialogue was really, really stupid whilst other parts were actually really funny and quite clever. It was very hit and miss for me, and sometimes it was a little too distracting.

The character of Jennifer isn't really all that likable, it feels like she keeps her friend 'Needy' (Amanda Seyfried) around because it made her look more attractive and 'Needy' just does whatever she says. Their friendship seemed really force, and I don't think it worked all that well to be perfectly honest. I thought Megan Fox was pretty well suited to the role and she was quite good. She looks hot, and she knows she looks hot! Amanda Seyfriend was really good as 'Needy', I thought she really stood out with her performance. I liked Johnny Simmons as Chip her boyfriend, their little relationship was really cute and it leads up to the final showdown as well which I thought was good.

As a horror film it is a little bit too tame but its perfect for the younger teen audience and I found it enjoyable and fun for the most part. It does have its flaws as I mentioned earlier, I thought the pacing could have been a bit tighter, but it wasn't a bad way to spend the evening. I thought giving Amanda's character the nick name of 'Needy' was just a little too obvious and silly. I probably would watch it again though, I can see this becoming a future guilty pleasure actually.

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